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Redcon1 Double Tap-Weight Loss - Fat Burners-Redcon 1-40 SERVES-STRAWBERRY MANGO-Thrive Health and Nutrition
Redcon1 Double Tap-Weight Loss - Fat Burners-Redcon 1-40 SERVES-Cola-Thrive Health and Nutrition
Redcon1 Double Tap-Weight Loss - Fat Burners-Redcon 1-40 SERVES-PINEAPPLE-Thrive Health and Nutrition
Redcon1 Double Tap-Weight Loss - Fat Burners-Redcon 1-40 SERVES-BLUE RASPBERRY-Thrive Health and Nutrition
Redcon1 Double Tap-Weight Loss - Fat Burners-Redcon 1-Thrive Health and Nutrition

Redcon1 Double Tap

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Tap into your fat stores and burn through them at a rate of speed you could otherwise not achieve.

Redcon 1 Double Tap is a high energy-yielding metabolic enhancer that has been designed to enhance lipolysis (fat breakdown), while simultaneously blunting appetite and enhancing mood.

Shut down the dieting nasties, increase mood and maximise energy production.

Double tap utilises key ingredients responsible for the breakdown and transportation of fatty acids, while also adding additional ingredients for optimising mood, shutting down appetite and increasing thermogenesis.

Stop suffering through the woes of dieting, use double tap and feel amazing while on your way to looking amazing as well.

Core Ingredients

Acetyl L-Carnitine

Acetyl L-Carnitine is responsible for increasing circulatory Carnitine Palmitoyltransferase levels, which is responsible for ensuring fatty acids can be transported to the muscle to be burned. Adding an additional Acetyl ester also allows for improved brain function due to being a precursor for acetylcholine production, which is known as the learning neurotransmitter, and is responsible for improving brain function.

Caffeine (Malate + Anhydrous)

Caffeine acts two-fold in a fat burner, whereby it is responsible for the stimulation and release of catecholamines, which enhance lipolysis (fat breakdown) as well as inhibiting the uptake of adenosine, which causes sedation, meaning performance enhancement is to be expected.

Being able to train at a higher output for longer, especially with the presence of higher circulatory catecholamine levels, means fat loss can be achieved faster.

Octopamine HCL

As a metabolite of Synephrine, Octopamine is a strong lipolytic agonist with mood enhancing and energy stimulating benefits as well.

Note, WADA or ASADA athletes can not use Octopamine.

Choline Bitartrate

Supplementing with Choline has been shown to increase neurocranial choline release, which is known as the learning neurotransmitter and is responsible for increased mood, focus and general cognitive function.


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