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MT Platinum 100% Glutamine-Sports Nutrition - Amino Acid-MUSCLETECH-300GM-UNFALVOURED-Thrive Health and Nutrition
MT Platinum 100% Glutamine-Sports Nutrition - Amino Acid-MUSCLETECH-300GM-UNFALVOURED-Thrive Health and Nutrition

MT Platinum 100% Glutamine

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Platinum 100% Glutamine by MuscleTech is a pure form of glutamine, which works to restore L-glutamine levels in the body quickly. Glutamine is the most occurring non-essential amino acid found in the bloodstream. Our levels of glutamine decrease as we age as well as when we exercise.

Glutamine is naturally produced by our bodies, but there are times that our bodies can’t produce enough. When the level of glutamine is low in the body the chances of getting sick is higher as well as delaying recovery.

When we go through strenuous exercise routines, the storage of glutamine in our body is compromised. Supplementing with glutamine will keep our bodies in tip-top shape. There are benefits when it comes to taking glutamine. Whether you are an athlete or a gym goer Platinum 100% Glutamine by MuscleTech is an essential supplement to get stocked up.

The benefits of Platinum 100% Glutamine by MuscleTech are:
  • Better immune system. This is because L-glutamine increases the levels of B and T lymphocytes, which helps to fight infections and illness when our bodies are with low immune system.
  • Promotes muscle growth. This is because when we go through an intense workout our body becomes stress and our muscles require more glutamine to help with recovery. This will also lead to a decrease in muscle wasting, as the body will get energy from other sources instead of muscle.
  • Improves athletic performance and recovery from strenuous exercise. The presence of l-glutamine in the body aids with detoxification of the body by releasing high levels of ammonia from it.
  • Boost brain health, as we age our brain starts to change due to the decrease of glutamine and glutamate. Supplementing with L-glutamine can also promote the increase of glutamine in the brain.

L-glutamine is a powerful supplement to have if you are wanting to recover fast from a hard session or wants to fight and prevent infections and illness. Platinum 100% Glutamine by MuscleTech comes in a 300g size, which gives you a 60-day supply of glutamine.

In each scoop of Platinum 100% Glutamine by MuscleTech you’ll get:
  • 5g of pure Glutamine, which is tasteless and mixes very easily  

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