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MT Hydroxycut Shred-Weight Loss - Fat Burners-MUSCLETECH-30 Serves-PEACH MANGO-Thrive Health and Nutrition
MT Hydroxycut Shred-Weight Loss - Fat Burners-MUSCLETECH-30 Serves-RASPBERRY-Thrive Health and Nutrition
MT Hydroxycut Shred-Weight Loss - Fat Burners-MUSCLETECH-Thrive Health and Nutrition

MT Hydroxycut Shred

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Muscletech has released an all new fat burner that has been composed of a scientifically formulated breakdown to help assist the best fat burning results possible!

  • Provides energy increases & mood enhancement
  • Increase body thermogensis and calorie burning
  • Promote use of fat as energy source
  • FREE 1L Flask with every purchase

    Elite Supps have always been an advocate for the original formula, now Hydroxycut Shred delivers an unrivaled thermogenic experience. Unlike any other thermogenic powder, each serving contains a scientifically studied dose of the powerful weight loss driver C. canephora robusta. There are also precise doses of theacrine, L-theanine, a SPECIALISED green tea extract and L-carnitine L-tartrate.

    Canephora robusta - this is a specialised green coffee extract specifically standardised to 45% chlorogenic acids. In a study where two groups commenced calorie reduced diet & moderate execise, one group supplemented with this ingredient and another didn't. The result? The ingredient supplementing group lost on average 4.9kg vs non supplementing average of 2.44kg. This ingredient further helps support fat loss

    • L Carnitine - produced naturally in the body, it shuttled fatty acids into the body's energy producing cells to be burned as a fuel source. One of the most widely researched ingredients, L-Carnitine has been show to improve lean body mass composition and muscle recovery post exercise
    • Theacrine - A patent-pending compound based on theacrine which is found in many natural plant and fruit sources. This formula is designed to increase mental focus without adrenal stimulation, and thus - increased heart rate or blood pressure
    • Caffeine - arguably the most scientifically researched ingredient in the supplement industry - triggers thermogenesis, elevates mood & energy, and also - decreases perceived fatigue and exhaustion!

    All of the above fat metabolising ingredients will deliver a serious boost of extreme energy as well as strong fat burning support!

    Directions for use: Take up to 2 serves per day, one first thing in the morning prior to breakfast and one prior to workout.


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