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The world of sports supplements can be a blur to many, with various products, huge claims, and only anecdotal evidence to support these claims for ...
In many gyms it is common to see members sipping on coloured drinks in their water bottles between sets. What are they drinking? Chances are they a...
The recent trend in veganism has created a spark of interest for many people to try out the lifestyle. For some it is the ethical considerations, h...
Vegetarians have a lower overall risk of common chronic diseases, possibly due to a lower saturated fat and cholesterol intake than non-vegetarians. However, vegetarians (and those who eat minimal amounts of oily fish) may be at a disadvantage where intake of essential fatty acids (EFAs) are concerned, and this could potentially counteract some health benefits of the vegetarian diet.
Honey, a delicious liquid gold sweetener. Is the honey we pour over our pancakes different to Manuka Honey?   Short answer, yes. The long answer re...
During the summertime, it is quite simple for us to know when our body needs water. Dry lips. Dizziness. Dry mouth. Fatigue. Just to name a few. But during winter, it is a lot harder for us to gauge when our body is on the verge of dehydration. 

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