Fitness FAQ's

Fitness is not one size fits all. Through consistency, support and the right guidance from Thrive Health and Nutrition, you can reach all your fitness and wellness goals. Let’s break down the top burning questions.

Haven’t exercised in a while. Where do I start?

While exercise is an easy every day habit for some, even the most dedicated gym bunnies fall out of their routine. In conjunction with a little advice from the Thrive Health and Nutrition experts, it’s important to ease back into a fitness routine your body can handle. Stop by in store for advice on the right approach for your goals, and the right products to help support your rebooted health regimen.

How do I know which products to buy?

Our products are broadly categorized by type. Whether you’re looking for a vitamin, a protein shake or just some healthy snakes, simply browse our online shop. Alternatively, if you’re new to the supplement game or just looking for a better, more healthy product, visit us in store for some advice on what’s best for you and your body.

I’m too busy to keep fit. Are there any short cuts?

We’d all like to wake up with a toned, perfect body but unfortunately there are no short cuts. Fitness requires a little time and dedication each day, and you’re only rewarding yourself. The products at Thrive Health and Nutrition help support and enhance healthy body functions, instead of other dangerous fad products and programmes which yield erratic and even dangerous results.

How do I find a fitness programme that’s right for me?

Every body is unique, but luckily at Thrive Health and Nutrition, we work with experts who’ve seen it all. In partnership with our team, and some questions about your health, goals and setbacks, we can help you find a programme that is likely to help yield results and allows you to have a little fun in the process.


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